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Add UNIQUE constraint WITH NOCHECK ? Not really …

Ever wanted to add a UNIQUE constraint WITH NOCHECK ? Maybe you had some duplicates in your data, fixed the code, but you cannot remove the duplicates, or maybe it’s a “temporary” thing.
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Automating restores for Ola Hallengren backup solution

While going through Brent Ozar’s 6-Month DBA Training Plan, I got myself a good challenge quite fast, after reading “Automating Restores” – to automate restores on backups taken using Ola Hallengren Backup Solution. Read more »

Safe exit from WHILE loop using ##global temp tables

Loops, SQL Server – these two things don’t go along as best friends, but every once in a WHILE, there’s no other way around. If I also add transactions, i surely want to have full control over it.
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Order NULLs last (numeric only)

Every now and then I need to sort data by a numeric value and NULLs always come first. And I want them last.
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