PowerShell to start/stop Sql Server on localhost

With a #notsogreat personal laptop, and having a lot of things installed, my laptop runs a bit slower. When I install sql server, i usually configure the services to start manually, so I can just start them when I need them. Being a .NET developer doesn’t require me to have Sql Server up and running all the time. But being lazy, I usually hate when I have to go to services and start / stop the service, so i wanted to have some kind of switch to turn it on and off whenever i needed. And I got this done using a powershell script, my first ever powershell script.

I started creating a variable that embedded all parameters i needed to get the sql service, and tried to find the service using Get-WmiObject:

Then, if service is found, check its state, and if it’s stopped, start the service, if it’s running, stop the service. If it’s in any other state, don’t do anything to it:

I can and will also add the other services like sql server agent to it, and put the start/stop section within a foreach.

This gave a good quick answer to my laziness. I can now save this script in a ps1 file, and right click, Run with PowerShell, I or can make a .bat file to call this script in which the following line needs to be added to run the script:

Replace the placeholders as on your machine.

Download here the script file MSSQLSERVER – start.stop.ps1 .

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