Passing a DataTable as table parameter from C# to stored procedures using table type

So may times I’ve seen useless loops to save many rows of data into a table, where data was captured in the front end part of the application. And sometimes, the row number was quite high – for example, where user was filtering some rows available to him, or imported from a data source like excel or access mdb file.
One of the options I’ve seen to replace loops was to transform the data into an XML, and pass the XML to a stored procedure that would handle it – but there are other things you need to take care of when doing this.
What I like to use, and this is not used as much as it should be in my opinion, is a table value type parameter passed to a stored procedure.
Firstly, I need a table type declared:

After this is on, I need to create the procedure that will handle the data:

You don’t necessarily need a stored procedure, you can use the parameter passed directly in your sql statement.

Ok, now the c# part, for demonstration purposes, let’s create a DataTable variable matching our MY_TABLE_TYPE table type above:

Now, if I want to add this DataTable variable as a SqlParameter, and pass it to the stored procedure above, I need to specify for the SqlParameter the following:
– name and value – which are self explanatory
– SqlDbType = SqlDbType.Structured – which indicates it’s a table value parameter
– TypeName – the name of the table value type we defined = MY_TABLE_TYPE

That’s all!

Next thing, you can use the parameter to call the stored procedure. Here’s how I’ve used it as a whole:

This will replace the need to loop through your DataTable / List, and process lines one by one, which would mean one call to your database per line, and when there are a lot of rows there, it means improvements to your application. I also prefer this solution over XML solution because is cleaner, and I don’t need to build the xml inside the application, and query it inside the database afterwards.

Here’s the Program.cs and DbUtil.cs to download if you’d like.

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